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Comprehensive wealth management services

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Creating positive change by fulfilling promises.

Everyone has their own reason for waking up and going to work everyday. My reason is simple: my clients and the promises I’ve made to them.

I constantly think to myself...

“How can I best fulfill the promises I’ve made? What investments are going to match my clients’ objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon, and personality?”

I built Schreur Financial around the belief that promises are paramount. Through all of my work, I take an intentional approach to knowing, committing, planning, and acting on those promises to help my clients succeed financially and in life.

An Integrated Approach to Investing

The Foundation of Schreur

The Schreur Financial philosophy is one built on meaningful, long-term results. In order to achieve investment success, we ask that our clients adhere to the two B’s:

Buy in + believe in

This means the willingness to stick with an investment strategy even when it requires patience, and to remain committed to the process. At Schreur Financial, we don’t judge our investments using short-term measurements, nor do we change ships midstream. Rather, it’s about buying into your investment approach and asset allocation, and sticking with it over time to achieve long-term results.

When you choose to work with Schreur Financial, we make a promise. A promise that we’re going to work hard for you, and with the utmost integrity to fulfill that promise to deliver results.



In a nutshell, these four characteristics sum up my life pretty well.

Prior to Schreur Financial, I served as Chief Investment Officer at three different firms, including Los Alamos National Bank in New Mexico, and Van Hulzen Asset Management in California. During my time at Los Alamos National Bank, I managed trusts and investment portfolios and worked closely with the bank on investing their reserves. It wasn’t until 2018 that I decided to start Schreur Financial and work exclusively with a small group of clients to provide them with comprehensive wealth management services, including portfolio management and financial advice.

A Michigan native, I received my degree in Economics and Political Science from Colorado College, and now reside in Folsom, California, where I enjoy watching my daughter cheer and play basketball.

Pull Up a Chair. I Want to Get to Know You.

As a veteran in the industry, I understand that you want — and deserve — an advisor who is eager to just listen to you. That’s exactly what I’m here to do. Any good investment strategy needs a good plan. Our process is all about getting to know each other. Here’s what you can expect:


The first thing we’ll do is discuss your investment objectives, risk tolerance, time horizon and any additional special considerations at length. I also like to spend some time uncovering your unique investment experience. For example, what investments have you made in the past that you were happy with, and what investment decisions do you regret most?


After our conversations, I’ll be armed with the necessary information to review your current holdings and propose recommended changes, which takes into consideration any tax implications, as well as your personal interests.


Transitioning your portfolio in a tax efficient and sensible manner is important to me. After reviewing the recommended changes together and coming to a mutual agreement, we will execute everything on your behalf.


In today’s digital landscape, face-to-face time is invaluable to build trust and understanding, which is why we’ll meet regularly in person, two to four times per year. You can also count on receiving comprehensive quarterly reports that provide detailed information, including all holdings and performance.

Our client relationships succeed in a collaborative environment. I encourage you to call or email me at any time, and I will always be fully responsive. I enjoy this interaction and will use our time together as an opportunity to educate and encourage you to buy-in and become more engaged with your investments.

Ready to talk? I’m ready to listen!

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How to Reach Me


Working with Schreur Financial, you can expect to always fully know what’s happening with your money. That's why I share my direct cell phone number with clients and prospects alike. Feel free to contact me at your convenience via the methods below.


2795 E. Bidwell Street, Suite 100-321
Folsom, CA  95630


Office: 916-436-1288
Cell: 916-467-6595
Email: chris@schreurfinancial.com